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An acoustical review of architectural elements (including interior geometry and surface finishes, floor/ceiling constructions, partitions and door types) will result in a space that is more usable and pleasing to occupants. It will also help ensure that these elements comply with acoustical requirements of local noise and building codes.


Acoustical review of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and engine-driven generators is essential to prevent unwanted noise and vibration and ensure compliance with applicable noise codes and industry design standards.


An acoustical survey before lease or purchase can help avoid problems down the road. A sound and vibration study is an essential first step for building sites where existing train noise, traffic noise and vibration levels are a concern.

Building Managers

When sound or vibration problems arise in existing commercial offices and multi-tenant residential buildings, an acoustic assessment is a first step toward addressing the problem. We will identify and quantify problematic noise/vibration, compare these results to code requirements and industry standards, and help to develop recommendations for remedial treatment.

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