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SubCat Studios in the Syracuse New Times

A bit more news about SubCat Studios….In case you didn’t catch this article in the Syracuse New Times, we thought we would share it.

Cover of Syracuse New Times

From Syracuse New Times

SubCat Music Studios Open House This Weekend!

We are happy to share that SubCat Music Studios in Syracuse NY is having an open house this coming weekend June 11th, from 12pm to 3pm.  We had the pleasure of working on this project with all of the cool cats at SubCat and Fiedler Marciano Architecture. Come check it out!


Putting the rev back in your engine

A great deal of engineering effort has gone into quieting the automobile over the past century.  In most major cities, transportation noise is a huge contributor to environmental noise both outdoors and in (who doesn’t live near a road?)  Vehicle acoustics is a primary focus of many current applied acoustics research programs, with the enthusiastic support of the auto industry.

Even so, some would argue that these great successes in reducing vehicle noise have come at the expense of exhilaration; gunning your engine at a stop light just doesn’t give the thrill that it did in the days of the big block V8.

SoundRacer in actionFor those of us that would occasionally like to hear what we’re driving (which yes, sometimes includes even noise-averse acousticians), a Swedish company has developed the SoundRacer.  This gizmo fits into your cigarette lighter socket, and using the socket voltage to sense engine RPM, broadcasts real-time sports car engine sound through your car stereo.  Even if your “sports car” happens to be less than sporting!

just in time for Superbowl Sunday…

Squareheard Technology has a new microphone system, AudioScope, that allows broadcasters to zoom in on sounds as well as sights, to pick out a single conversation. The device is made up of around 300 microphones used in conjunction with a wide-angle camera that can zoom in to any position.  The AudioScope software then calculates the time it would take for sound emanating from that point to reach each microphone, and digitally corrects each audio feed to synchronize them with that spot.