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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Wall???

Chia HeadProbably at one time or another you had a Chia Pet or at least knew someone who did.  How about the Chia Car?  Well, the Ohio Department of Transportation has come up with an environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing sound barrier, the Chia Wall if you will.  The naturally “green” noise barrier will separate a residential neighborhood from a noisy next-door interstate and will be constructed of bags of soil and seeds – just add water.

Edible (?) acoustical plaster

A colleague tipped us off to the website of Swedish company Fellert, maker of a line of acoustically-absorptive plaster finishes for walls and ceilings.  Their product is composed of ingredients so natural that their marketing director felt comfortable spreading it on toast and eating it on camera!

Fellert acoustic plaster

Although we have yet to use this particular product (and would likely still recommend against eating it), absorptive acoustic plasters like this can be an excellent way to reduce echo and reverberation in a space, while maintaining a clean, monolithic, gypsum- or plaster-like appearance.  Let’s hope it tastes as good as it works!