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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Wall???

Chia HeadProbably at one time or another you had a Chia Pet or at least knew someone who did.  How about the Chia Car?  Well, the Ohio Department of Transportation has come up with an environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing sound barrier, the Chia Wall if you will.  The naturally “green” noise barrier will separate a residential neighborhood from a noisy next-door interstate and will be constructed of bags of soil and seeds – just add water.

New York State Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)

We are happy to announce that lally acoustical consulting is now certified with the New York State Division of Minority and Women Business Development as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)!

NY loves WBE

International Green Construction Code open for comment

Public version 1.0 of the new International Green Construction Code (IgCC) was released this week by the International Code Council (ICC), opening the new model code document to public comments through mid-May.  Like other ICC codes, the IgCC is intended to be adopted into law by municipalities who want a robust, vetted basis for local building regulations—and this time, one with energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental quality at its core.

According to the ICC, this new “green” code is intended to supplement or “overlay” the existing family of ICC codes, including the International Building Code that was adopted as law (with many local edits) by New York City in 2008.  The IgCC is also meant to be adopted as law, unlike voluntary green certifications like the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED system.

In the name of indoor environmental quality, this public draft of the IgCC contains a much broader set of acoustical requirements than the base International Building Code.  We hope this section attracts some productive public comments in the coming months, since good acoustics are critical to environmental quality.

Noise-reducing city canyons

After a nearly two-year editorial process, we are happy to announce that we’ve recently published a technical paper in the peer-reviewed acoustics journal Applied Acoustics.  Performed in cooperation with our acoustic colleagues at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, the research explores what happens to noise as it travels over the city canyons formed by streets and backyards between rows of buildings—such as those common in New York City.

Although the details are rather technical, the bottom line is that these canyons reduce noise—so the more street canyons between you and that noisy highway, and the wider these canyons are, the quieter the noise will become.

This field of acoustics research helps to improve the acoustic models that acousticians and city planners use to predict noise.  Implemented in software, these models can map out how traffic and new development will impact the soundscape of a property, a neighborhood, or even an entire city.

Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certified

We are happy to announce that (after quite a bit of paperwork) lally acoustical consulting is certified with the City of New York as a Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE)!

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