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Building Design + Construction Magazine – Enhanced Acoustical Design

Just in case you missed the August issue of Building Design + Construction Magazine, there was a very interesting article on Enhanced Acoustical Design on page 45.  Truth be told we may be a bit biased as we helped with the article – but you can earn AIA/CES credit for reading it too!

Building Design + Construction Enhanced Acoustical Design


SubCat Music Studios Open House This Weekend!

We are happy to share that SubCat Music Studios in Syracuse NY is having an open house this coming weekend June 11th, from 12pm to 3pm.  We had the pleasure of working on this project with all of the cool cats at SubCat and Fiedler Marciano Architecture. Come check it out!


Listen up, kids

The Acoustical Society of America, an international scientific society, has unveiled a new educational website aimed at kids (and their parents and teachers):

Explore Sound

Aimed at developing an early interest in “the science of sound”, the Explore Sound site features information on the science of acoustics, online demonstrations, project ideas, and curriculum materials for teachers (including a free series of posters, available on request in any of six languages).  The site even details some of the things that we acousticians do for a living, and what could be more interesting than that!

compostable quiet

Maybe you heard about this maybe you didn’t…or maybe you heard someone next to you eating SunChips out of the old compostable but VERY NOISY bag last summer. Well, Frito Lay just recently reduced the noise that the compostable bags make.  They found that by using a more rubbery adhesive to put the bag together, the noise level dropped from around 80 to 85 decibels to around 70 decibels.  Subjectively, a 10 decibel drop is about half as loud.  So maybe now you can sneak a snack at midnight without waking up your neighbors and then bury the evidence in your compost pile.  Happy Earth Day!

AP Article

Did your airport full body scan include your ears?

Your ears may be used for more than just hearing sounds.  Did you know that the top part of your ear does not change shape as you get older? And that someday it may be used to identify you?  According to Technology Review, researchers at the School of Electronics and Computer Science of the University of Southampton are working on it.



Fractal Pad

This year we had the pleasure of working with Matthew Bremer from Architecture in Formation on Fractal Pad, which recently was honored by Interior Design Magazine’s Best of the Year awards.  Congratulations Matt!

Fractal Pad