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Just how speedy is sound at the Olympics?

Well, it turns out not fast enough!  Years ago, in addition to a traditional starters pistol, Olympic officials started placing loudspeakers behind the athletes so that the sound would reach each athlete at the same time.  It turned out however that the athletes would continue to wait for the sound from the actual starters pistol to arrive.  Even with the loudspeakers, the speed of sound was still slowing down the athletes furthest from the starter pistol.  While we are talking about tiny fractions of a second, with Olympic runners and swimmers, it really makes a difference.  Starting at the Vancouver winter games and this summer in London, they are using a silent pistol that is completely electronic and generates a beep from the loudspeakers only (although it does make a flash).

omega110.jpg  False start: Usain Bolt was caught out in Daegu last summer

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219 West / Subcat Studios Wins 2012 AIANY Architecture Merit Award!

We were happy to be part of the team to bring this great project together…Congratulations to Fiedler Marciano Architecture!

AIANY Design Awards 2012

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Random order

Using simple, functional components like DC motors, wire, and cardboard boxes, Swiss artist Zimoun assembles building blocks of motion into massive, engrossing sonic environments. An individual motor may exhibit repetitive motion and deterministic noise, but dozens of identical systems spawn complex imagery and random sound that evoke organic phenomena from wind in the grass to running water.

Zimoun’s “Sculpting Sound” is on display through January 8 at the Ringling Museum of Art in Florida, and the artist has an upcoming solo exhibition scheduled for February 2 – March 10, 2012 at Bitforms Gallery in Chelsea.

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What do fireworks sound like on 72nd Street?

Getting off the train at 72nd St, on the subway platform we heard a funny sound and wondered ‘what is that?’  Well, it turned out to be the sound of fireworks above for the kickoff of the NYC Marathon.  A cell phone microphone does not completely do this justice but you can hear the reflections of sound off of the building facades and the overall reverberation somewhat.

Tour 7 WTC during Archtober

ArchtoberOctober is Archtober!  It’s time for New York City’s architecture and design month, a festival of architecture taking place throughout October and brought to you by the AIA New York Chapter, openhousenewyork, and the Architecture & Design Film Festival.

Archtober’s “Building of the Day” for Monday, October 3rd is 7 WTC, the gateway to the new World Trade Center area and NYC’s first certified “green” office building.  On October 3rd at 1:30 p.m., join developer Silverstein Properties and openhousenewyork for a guided tour of the building.

Featured on the tour will be the newly opened WTC Marketing Center on the 10th floor, which includes large-scale models, galleries, and interactive videos about the entire WTC project and neighborhood.  As the acoustical consultant on the WTC Marketing Center design team (which included architects TPG Architecture and engineers AKF Group), we are excited that the public will have the chance to see (and hear) this brand new perspective on the future of the World Trade Center!

SubCat Music Studios Open House This Weekend!

We are happy to share that SubCat Music Studios in Syracuse NY is having an open house this coming weekend June 11th, from 12pm to 3pm.  We had the pleasure of working on this project with all of the cool cats at SubCat and Fiedler Marciano Architecture. Come check it out!